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If you refer a new student/household to the school, we will happily reward you with a FREE 30min lesson credit. There is no limit to how many times you can take advantage of this policy, so call your friends today!  Just let us know that you referred someone, or make sure they mention your name in the contact form (ie. Hello, I was referred by John, and I was looking to schedule a free trial lesson).   Referred students must register and take 4 paid classes before your free lesson can be claimed.  Credited lessons are for equal or lesser value. 


1.  Payments- Each month you will receive an invoice for all scheduled lessons through our school’s software, “My Music Staff,” and payment information is listed on the invoice.  Invoices are auto generated on the 15th of the prior month, and payments are due 1 week prior to your first lesson of the new month.  This will allow us enough time to adjust schedules if needed for the upcoming month. 


2.  Cancelling Lessons- If there are dates that you are not available for lessons, please try to coordinate reschedules directly with your teacher.  You will be refunded/credited in the event a rescheduled lesson cannot be coordinated.   If you have dates that you know for certain you will be away and not able to reschedule, simply email me and I will remove those dates from your tuition bill and cancel those lessons.


3.  Rescheduling Lessons-  If you have to miss a lesson that has already been paid for, please reach out to your teacher directly by phone or email, and he/she will coordinate a makeup lesson for you.  If a makeup lesson cannot be coordinated, you will be credited the following month.  Please give as much notice as possible when cancelling/rescheduling lessons so that your teacher has enough time to coordinate with other students (and life in general).  We try to do makeup lessons whenever we can, but we do have a 24 hour cancellation policy, and all lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be forfeited.  Teachers will always try to be as accommodating as possible, but each teacher makes a living by teaching, and he/she holds a time slot for you.  This is the reason lessons must be paid for, in respect for your teacher’s time and occupation.  Each teacher is dedicated and committed to their work.  


4.  Correspondence with Brett-  You can call, message, or email me anytime to discuss anything related to lessons, but please try to keep all non urgent scheduling matters with me to email (rather than text).  I check my email nonstop, and scheduling via email helps me to keep everything organized and efficient. 

5.   Withdrawal and Refunds: We have no contracts or registration fees.  Students may withdraw from lessons at any time by giving the school 48 hours notice via email ( Please notify the school, not the teacher, when withdrawing from lessons.  

6.  All teachers are contracted through the school, and payment must always be made through the school, never directly to the teachers.  All teachers working with Brett's In-Home Music have a non-compete contract with the school which includes siblings and other members of the household.  If you have any questions about this, please call or email me.  

7. Inclement Weather: It is the responsibility of both the student/parent and the teacher to touch base regarding delays and rescheduling because of snow.  Missed lessons due to inclement weather will be made up or refunded.  

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